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The most difficult problem is a patient who is truly non-compliant. This patient usually leaves your care, complains that there is no ‘connection’ between your staff and themselves and that they were not given the time and attention they needed. Most of the time, it is depression underlying the non-compliance that causes this attitude. A truly non-compliant patient will usually end up with revisions and/or reversal of the surgery due to weight gain or complications. This patient is usually quite resistant to counselling. There is not a whole lot that can be done for these patients as they will find a reason to be unhappy with their situation. It is easier to identify these patients BEFORE surgery than to help them afterwards, although I really haven’t figured out how to do that yet? Besides having a psychological exam done before surgery, there is no real way to find them before surgery and I usually tend toward the side of offering patients the surgery with education in hopes they can live a good and healthy life.This rewrite was done exclusively for the people of this spotlight obesity support group. It should not be sold for any reason. “Dummies” version rewritten by Sally Perez Original article written by: Mason. EE, Personal Communication, 1980. Barber. W, Diet al, Brain Stem Response To Phasic Gastric Distention.Am J. Physiol 1983: 245(2): G242-8 Flanagan, L. Measurement of Functional Pouch Volume Following the Gastric Bypass Procedure. Ob Surg 1996; 6:38-43 Rosemurgy, A.

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