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Depression is a strong force for stopping weight loss or causing weight gain. A small number of patients, who do well at the beginning, disappear for awhile only to return having gained a lot of weight. It seems that they almost on purpose do exactly opposite of everything they have learned about their pouch: they graze during the day, drink high calorie beverages, drink with meals and stop exercising, even though they know exercise helps stop depression. A 46 year-old woman, one year out of her surgery had been doing fine when her life was turned upside down with divorce and severe teenager behavior problems. Her weight skyrocketed. Once she got her depression under control and began refocusing on the rules of the pouch, added a little exercise, the weight came off quickly. If your patient begins weight gain due to depression, get him/her into counselling quickly. Encourage your patient to refocus on the pouch rules and try to add a little exercise every day. Reassure your patient that he/she did not ruin the pouch, that it is still there, waiting to be used to help with weight control. When they are ready the pouch can be used once again to lose weight without being hungry.

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