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An excellent example is a female patient who is 62 years old. She had the operation when she was 47 years old. She had a total regain of her weight. She stated that she had not seen her surgeon after the six week follow up 15 years ago. She never knew of the rules of the pouch. She had initially lost 50 lbs and then with a commercial weight program lost another 40 lbs. After that, she yo-yoed up and down, each time gaining a little more back. She then developed a disease (with no connection to bariatric surgery) which weakened her muscles, at which time she gained all of her weight back. At the time she came to me, she was treated for her disease, which helped her to begin walking one mile per day. I checked her pouch with barium and the cottage cheese test which showed the pouch to be a small size and that there was no leakage. She was then given the rules of the pouch. She has begun an impressive and continuing weight loss, and is not focused on food as she was, and feeling the best she has felt since the first months after her operation 15 years ago.

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