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Re: Pouch FAQ

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1) Use thick barium to confirm the staple line is intact. If it isn’t, then the food will go into the large stomach, from there into the intestines and the patient will be hungry all the time. Check for a little ulcer at the staple line. A tiny ulcer may occur with no real opening at the line, which can be dealt with as you would any ulcer. Sometimes, though, the ulcer is there because of a break in the staple line. This will cause pain for the patient after the patient has eaten because the food rubs the little opening of the ulcer. If there is a tiny opening at the staple line, then a reoperation must be done to actually separate the pouch and the stomach completely and seal each shut.
2) If the outlet is smaller than 7-8 mill, the patient will have problems eating solid foods and will little by little begin eating only easy-to-digest foods, which we call “soft calorie syndrome.” This causes frequent hunger and grazing, which leads to weight regain.

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