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PUBLISHED DATA: How does the pouch make you feel full? The nerves tell the brain the pouch is distended and that cuts off hunger with a feeling of fullness. What is the fate of the pouch? Does it enlarge? If it does, is it because the operation was bad, or the patient is overstuffing themselves, or does the pouch actually re-grow in a healing attempt to get back to normal? For ten years, I had patients eat until full with cottage cheese every three months, and report the amount of cottage cheese they were able to eat before feeling full. This gave me an idea of the size of their pouch at three month intervals. I found there was a regular growth in the amount of intake of every single pouch. The average date the pouch stopped growing was two years. After the second year, all pouches stopped growing. Most pouches ended at 6 oz., with some as large at 9-10ozs. We then compared the weight loss of people with the known pouch size of each person, to see if the pouch size made a difference. In comparing the large pouches to the small pouches, THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE IN PERCENTAGE OF WEIGHT LOSS AMONG THE PATIENTS. This important fact essentially shows that it is NOT the size of the pouch but how it is used that makes weight loss maintenance possible.

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