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Re: Potential cross addiction.

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Hi Elaine

I had the same realisation when I was taking labels off things that I had bought LAST YEAR and hadn’t even worn yet. I have several wls friends who have done the same.

Although it can seem light hearted to start with, it really can become a serious problem if not addressed as with any compulsion/addiction.

Nettie, Stacey has been my partner in ‘crime’ for the past year and we have both realised that we need to stop if for no other reason that we had started to take over every other family member’s wardrobe space!! I have usurped my husband from his double wardrobe and even have a few things in my daughter’s. Not actually ‘normal’ is it lol?!

It is symptomatic of our generally addictive personalities I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t equate with being a drug dealer or an armed robber but these sort of things are incidious – they creep up on us like thief in the night and steal our resolve. Sorry, but we flippin well need that resolve to get through the rest of our lives without returning to food as a way of coping.

You guys are doing brilliantly and I just want everyone to be on their guard. Head hunger comes in many guises so if we are all aware of it, we can keep an eye out for each other and keep the nasty blighter from sneaking up on us in fancy dress 😉

Doodah x

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