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Re: Potential cross addiction.

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Hi Doodah,
Serious post and so very true, I am only 14 months post op and now nearly 11 stones lighter and with only about another 2 and half stones to go before I will be happy with what I weigh and when I loked in my wardrobe the other day I realised for someone who is still loosing weight I have a lot of clothes and shoes that I have brought and I know I have not a hope in hell of wearing them all before I get to small for them. There was not a week go past without me buying something and I must admit I was beginning to get a little in debt with it, but I realised that I had swop one addiction with another one and I have made a consious decission not to buy anymore clothes or shoes this summer and I have stuck to it this past two weeks, it has been very hard and I found myself wanting to turn to food but I haven’t given into food either, I have had to find other things to keep me occupied and I have thrown myself into my garden, my swimming and I start training this weekend for the race for life. I guess I just have a personality that can easily get addicted to something but I am now realizing this and I am fighting it.
It is scarey that how easily you can swop one addicition for another.
Elaine xx

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