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Re: post op surgery

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@Almost there 29063 wrote:

Thank you doodad for your wise words
It most certainly. NOT a walk in the park
I have lost 17 stones my legs no longer are receiving. Correct blood flow and am contracting necrosis
To date I have had 4 plastics reconstructive surgeries Fluer de lys apronectomy
Arm lift
Breast reduction
Back flanks
And next mont my final two
Medial thigh lift
And upper above belly button. Belt lipectomy
My body is a myriad of painful scars especially in this heat when your body and fluid bloating stretching scars!!!
Ouch who knew eh!
Gosh. What I did to myself!!!!???
I’m having a total body lift I lost my job so have sold my house to fund surgeries as even though I have necrosis and therefore am classed as exceptional needs by the PCT they will NOT fund my. Reconstructive (NOT cosmetic) surgery
So we live and learn and still go on
I’m still going to be a large woman even after all six procedures but won’t have any hanging overflaps left!!!
It’s so hard
But I will NEVER give up !
Best of luck to you too !

My goodness me you have been through the wringer haven’t you?!

I’m in awe of what you have done, I really am. I’m not that brave. I wish you the very, very best of luck and hope with all my heart that you will find happiness and peace. Losing the weight is sometimes only the beginning isn’t it? I had my gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago tomorrow and I still think about my previous life every day – and thank the heavens above that it’s no longer so absolutely awful.

Thank you for sharing this totally honest post. It will help others to make an informed choice about their own plastic surgery.

Doodah x

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