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Re: post op surgery

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Almost there

@ruby tuesday 28119 wrote:

Thank you, and OMG! What is really want is to see someone who has just had a little inner thigh lift and healed, to see how the scaring is, but I can only find tummy tucks and boob jobs with ‘after’ shots on the internet, and I know the surgeons say this op is one people tend to have problems with and be less happy with the end results. So hard to know whether it is worth it without knowing someone having had good results! I have asked whether the surgeon has a past patient I can talk to, not sure if that will be possible though.

Soo funny Ruby
– just wanted to see someone who needed a “little” inner thigh lift ???
As if anybody would pay up to £15,000 for a “little” thigh lift !
Bless your heart!
This is surgery for the former super morbidly obese as its then. That it appears worth the huge fees concerned – not to mention the excruitiating healing process!
Mine is next month am dreading the pain and recovery as my own roux n y abdominalplasty surgery was a mammoth recovery/ complications expierience!!!

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