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Re: Post op eating – how much is the correct amount to eat.

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I had my op on 11th Jan and I can eat a whole weetabix in loads of milk for breakfast (takes about half an hour to eat), a portion pot (the size of a small cup) of shep pie and veg and the same size pot of curry for dinner along with the odd rich tea biscuit, milk and bit of cheese. All meals take me ages to eat though but I like to think of it as savouring the flavour. I find it’s harder to actually fancy eating than eating itself but savoury is def my friend right now as it makes me feel more inclined to eat. Hope that helps. It doesn’t address the question of how much we should be eating post op but I’ve tried to listen to my body and friend on this one. If you can’t force it in then there’s no point in worrying too much, I’m sure it will come eventually. I do find the whole day is a huge graze though but if it gets what we need inside then who cares!


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