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Re: Post op diet

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Soolie wrote:
Hello All, Looking for some help and guidance on what liquids I should have after I am banded in a fortnight a time. I want to be as organised as possible. Should I have tins of weight watchers soup in the cupboard? Or what do you recommend pls? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

You don’t need to do weightwatchers soolie!!! Just plain soup ie carrot and coriander, chicken and lentil will be absolutely fine just pick around the lumps if need be.
I always ate soup that was high in protein!!!

A tin of soup in the early days should do 3-4 meals!! ( I know how stupid that sounds when I could have demolished a tin in1 sitting lol)

Get your self some slim fast In as that will help with vitamins and protein!!!

I also made plenty of sugar free jelly or sugar free blamonge as that helps in the early days!!!……and most important WATER!!! I go through 24-30 bottles a week!!! This also helps with the toilet situation ;)!!

Personally for myself I don’t like milk so coffee was my luxury, going through a large jar a week…..since my op I havnt even bought a jar of coffee!!! It’s just water, water and more water!!!


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