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Re: Post op diet

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@Fionajeweller 32759 wrote:

I still find it hard to leave anything and make great attempt every day to only give myself a small portion so that, if necessary, I can have a little more if I’m still hungry (it hasn’t happened yet in 5.5 years!) It takes months and months for our heads to catch up to the fact that will now only ever eat a little at a time. In fact, if a ‘normal’ sized meal were put in front of me now, I’m not sure I could even start to eat it as I know how much would be left and it would irk the living daylights out of me!

Doodah, you wrote this and it made me think of last week. Before my four weeks were up it was my birthday, and incidentally my husbands also as we share the same day. I planned a really lovely day as I thought I would be fine going out, so my daughter and I went to the poppies, and then I went to buy a present for my daughter (the oldest one was 21!). After that I scheduled a rest – boy I am glad I had done this. About food, I had taken a few bits with me but we had booked into a hotel and I had spoken to the chef before booking to check that they could prepare pureed food for me and he could not have been more helpful. So when I got there a ramekin dish of pea, chicken and parsnip was produced – great I thought. So after a trip to a gallery we had supper – this got more complicated as the kitchen was ready but all the restaurant staff needed me to go over exactly what I needed and it had to be repeated to about 5 different people – so embarrassing and unnecessary! However the second pureed meal arrived but this time about a cereal bowl full so I could only eat a very little and I hated to seem ungrateful. But breakfast was awful. I went down and they had scrambled egg . … great I thought but it was all lumps, so I requested to talk to the kitchen and asked for one egg very lightly scrambled and no lumps and nothing else. After a wait of 40 minutes I received more lumpy scrambled egg about 3 eggs in amount, hash browns, four pieces of toast and tomatoes – i burst into tears and eventually found a natural yogurt! I hated the waste as like you Doodah part of my problems have been finishing everything on my plate and truth be told others as well, and it seemed so ungrateful.

Oh Fiona, I completely understand how you felt about the breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day and for me, still, the hardest one to get right when out and about.

I also understand about having to explain yourself over and over. However, I don’t do it anymore. I am the PAYING customer and have the right to order the food as I want it. I sometimes only have a starter. I still get funny looks but no one actually asks why. I think if you simply order food without any explanation, it is easier. When you leave food, make sure the staff know you enjoyed it (and the same if you didn’t!) because they will feel bad if they think you left it because it wasn’t nice.

You can always ask for a smaller portion and explain that you are not asking for a reduced price, just less food. In truth, there are so many different dietary requirements these days, people mostly don’t bat an eyelid! They are too interested in what they are eating themselves or, if they are staff, making sure that you have a pleasant enough experience to warrant a tip.

I hope it didn’t completely spoil your Birthday weekend. Anyone who says wls is the easy way out needs to try it out for a week!

Chin up my lovely – onwards and downwards (on those scales) 😉

Doodah x

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