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Re: Post op day 1-2

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@Johnpettet 33283 wrote:

Thought I would stick this post on here as no one has been on this page for a while!!
I had my op done, and I feel better than I did on Friday! My god the trapped wind was painful, mainly due to them finding a hiatus hernia and them operating that, had a txt from Mr Pring just making sure that I fell ok as I was going to be more sore than normal! The staff at Spire Gatwick Park where great! Great sleep last night in my bed, enjoyed a coffee & wizzed up porridge this morning!, taking my time eating and drinking!, I had 6 holes made the only which hurts is the one the port is connected too.
Apart from that I feel OK, I know it takes me a few days to get over the general anaesthetic so having a quite weekend, going for a 15/20 min walk in a bit with the kids!

Thank you so much for this lovely, positive post so early after your surgery, John!

You are doing everything right. That trapped wind after surgery is a blighter isn’t it? Walking is the best medicine for that and if you have a dog, you can blame him/her for any ‘unpleasantness’ lol!

My asthma nurse explained to me that our lungs/air sacs reach right up into our shoulders and neck, which is why trapped wind can be so painful. I stopped trying to be ‘polite’ at home many years ago – I have a dog so no one suspects a thing 😉

Doodah x

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