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@Sparklepumpkin 28713 wrote:

So I am 6 days post op. After a ropey few days the wonderful Dr Somers called me abd we realised I hadn’t been prescribed my ant acid, so am feeling much better from that. Anyway I digress. Yesterday was a brilliant day went out and cooked tea (still had a few naps). In my excitement I made hubby breakfast and BAM thought I was gonna faint, so I rested for a bit then had a shower and again thought I was going to faint. Couldn’t figure out why as I am getting in 1.5 litres of water and all my food, but when I went to the loo I had started my period, could this be causing it?.

H xxx

Quite possibly but please remember, it’s the first one since your wls so your body has been given something else to contend with! Please also remember that you have had major surgery and although it is tempting to want to run a marathon, you first have to learn to walk 😉

If it continues, contact your team again. In the meantime, rest, fluids and gentle moving about. I felt faint after my huge surgery last year – but then I was hanging out washing at the time! Talk about not taking my own advice eh? I know you feel on top of the world right now – invincible almost – but you really must take the appropriate time and measures to fully recover. Doing too much might actually hinder your recovery. I know that to my cost (ashamed face.)

Have a sit out in the sunshine sipping your fluids. Treat yourself: be kind to yourself and have a little daydream about all the fabulous things you will be doing this time next year.

Doodah x

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