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@natclaire33) 32212 wrote:

Friday will be hear quickly but I am not popular with my clinical manager as I was already leaving early on the thursday for the pre surgery prep group and then when I saw her and said about the friday you can imagine she had a face like thunder, so was told I would have to use holiday to go to the appointment, which is abit odd as the appointment is two floors below where I work.

I am going to Soul Survivour in August, I was going to camp but was talking to a friend who does the cooking and asked how much it was to stay in the travel lodge to cut a long story short she asked her husband ( he was paying for her twin room) and he said dont worry about it as long as you don’t mind sharing then you have a free room for the week. I am looking forward to going as I have never been to soul survivour.Have you ever been to that Kimberly? I am right in tthinking Kimerly that you go to church if you don’t mind me asking which one do you go to? and when is New Wine held and where is it done.

I am thinking I hope that drinking no added sugar squash diluted really weakly will be ok to drink as I don’t drink tea or coffee and another question could people tell me where to buy or get sugar free syrups for the milk or even sugar free squash as every supermarket and shop i look in don’t seem to have sugar free they only have nas squash,

Thanks for letting me waffle on abit and will keep you all updated on my appointments.

Bariatrics megastore


Please click onto the above link for the Bariatric megastore where you can find all your sugar free needs! The other link is for Carol Ball’s cook books and much more.

More than happy to listen to you waffle haha! I get really excited for people at this stage as i know all the fab things that lie ahead.

Doodah x

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