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Re: portsmouth/ hampshire support group

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@natclaire33) 32196 wrote:

I am seeing Nick Carter and his team on friday so I think it will probably be him doing it, although I did talk to Mr Somers and he said as I was staff I could choose who did mine, I said either him or Nick Carter, just got to wait and see how things go. Am seeing the GP on wednesday this week so will hopefully start the process of improving my iron levels.

I hope it doesnt take to long to get a date for surgery as I am away for a week in the middle of august at a christian music event so doing the milk diet would be difficult but I will just have to wait and see how things go on friday.

Am looking forward to the next group which by then I will hopefully have more news on my wls journey.

How lovely that you have something to look forward to this summer. I should imagine you will be done and dusted by the middle of August. Let’s hope so. Kim is right about the milk diet though – at least you won’t have to think about food much if you just need to buy milk and sugar free syrups. Am I right in thinking that you don’t drink tea or coffee? Are you allowed decaf? Please forgive my ignorance if that is not so.

Doodah x

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