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Re: Plus size model debate

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These are brilliant replies.

I agree with Sharon that models should be all sizes and shapes. Kate Moss is considered to be somewhat of an anomaly as she is ‘only’ 5′ 7″ tall! Surely if you want to sell your designer clothes to ‘real’ women then they should come in all sizes and shapes?

Where are the short models? Disabled models? Victoria Beckham (allegedly) starves herself to stay a USA size 0 so that she can model her own clothes. This is madness in my opinion. What harm to her body is she storing up for the future? I don’t think you would have a male designer (of male clothes) doing the same thing somehow. Imagine if they had to achieve the looks of David Gandy!

I also agree that asking women to achieve the ‘perfect 10′ is unfair. Girls are much taller now. If they were to attain the magical size ten at their height, they would be underweight. Size 10 is fine for a 5’ 3″ woman – as these ideals were decided in the 1950’s. Girls are that height in their early teens these days!

I also find it odd that regular models are not chosen for their facial beauty. Some are very ‘unique’ looking. The same cannot be said for plus size models. They are almost exclusively beautiful, facially. It’s as if they have to make up for being plus sized by being just about as pretty as it is possible to be.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rant. I wrote an essay on this about 20 years ago for my Psychology class – absolutely nothing has changed. All rather depressing really!

Doodah x

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