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Re: please help, day 2 milk diet! !!

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@Sparklepumpkin 28497 wrote:

No that’s brilliant to know doo dah. I was worried that one extra oxo then turns into a cuppa soup, and so on. Another quick question, my Mum does the Cambridge diet and keeps telling me that I will go into Ketosis. I am slightly worried about this coz its hard enough doing the milk diet without dealing with the symptoms of Ketosis.


Hi there

I have this from Nicole Berberian, Streamline Surgical’s Dietitian:

‘…There is approximately 100g of carb in the milk diet per day. Typically low carb ketosis diets have 20-30g of carb on the strict phases, rising to 40g/day. At 100g on the milk diet which includes plenty of milk sugars in the form of lactose many people may not be in ketosis. Side effects noted by people on ketosis are a change in breath, which has a sweet, fruity smell sometimes mistaken for alcohol, nausea, headaches and loss of appetite, but the way of knowing for sure is to test using ketosis testing strips….’

It’s fascinating isn’t it? I wanted to know that myself as I did the dreaded Atkins diet (along with all the others!) many moons ago. Thanks for asking the question.

Doodah x

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