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Re: please help, day 2 milk diet! !!

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@triedeverything 28517 wrote:

Hi I’m nearly at the end of my milk diet (surgery tomorrow) and I honestly found it kinda ok. I will however admit to not having the savoury drink in the evening and some days I couldn’t get all my milk in. There were moments where I could have cheated when cooking dinner for the kids, I didn’t and I’m amazed! The hardest bit was the weekend as the family are all home munching all day. I didn’t realise how much snacking goes on in my house!! Thank goodness they’ve all gone back to school/work and I can start packing for the hospital and feel in control again. And am pleased I’m nearly there. Good luck to anyone else on the milk diet there are tough times but hang on in there.. you aren’t actually hungry, you just miss food so be strong and it will be done before you know it. By the way in my 1 week milk diet I’ve lost 9lbs!!! And I’m a slow loser normally.

Nine pounds in a week?! That’s fantastic! Just goes to prove what we can all do if we get our heads down and just DO IT!

You may find that your own, new eating habits will rub off on the other people in your family. It’s interesting how many family members also take up the new healthier way of eating and living. They see how much healthier and happier you become so want to try it for themselves. One of my children has lost over two stones just by being more mindful of what they eat plus the fact that I cook extremely health food now and have reduced portion size over the years. Ripples on a pond…..

Doodah x

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