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Re: Personal milestones.

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Hi all

This is quite timely for me as its been a year since my surgery, well almost as I had my bypass on the 29th February, It was a leap year last year.

At the start of my Journey I was 24 stone, and by the time I had my surgery I had managed to get that down to 21 stone. Everything went fine with my surgery and was out after the expected two day stay.

I actually managed to reach target after only 7 months and now 5 months later I am still at the same weight, even managed to go through Christmas without putting an ounce on,

I only had one problem post surgery but that was medication related and nothing to do with the surgery, Remember that the dose of medication you need when very overweight might be very different to when you are not, in my case it was Morphine so watch out if you start feeling unwell after shedding quite a few stones.

As I said I started at 24 stones and today I am just under 14 stones which gives me a BMI of 26 still over weight according to the charts but is good enough for me, I am over 6 foot tall so 26 is good.

I have never regretted my surgery and will be eternally grateful to my GP for pushing my applications through, including lodging an appeal when my funding application was turned down, I didn’t even know it had been turned down until after his successful appeal on my behalf and obviously MR Guy Slater and the rest of the wonderful Team at St Richards Hospital.


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