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Re: Paul’s weight loss journey

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Hi all

Its that time again, I have been to the Whale Weigh Station for my weekly weigh in

Now at the start of week 12 and todays weight is 105.8 Kg, so a whole Kg off this week which in old money is 2.2 pounds so still going well and in the right direction.

I am now off my Blood Pressure Medication and my BP is around 120/70 most of the time. Everything else is also fine with no WLS related issues, I can now eat just about anything I try now with no problems at all, well as lomg as I dont try just one spoon too much that is, I even managed to go to an Indian restarant last week and realy enjoyed my order of Bombay Potatoes and a Vegetable Bhaji and it was quite a shock to the rest of the Family when I left half of each dish as well.

Got my next appointment at St Richards Next week to see the Diatitian, where I will probably be told I am doing it all wrong.

Anyway, enough of my rambling on, untill next week

Bye for now


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