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Re: Paul’s weight loss journey

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@Lelly 33313 wrote:

That was brilliant reading your posts, you have done so well, it is really important to people like me who are waiting for surgery to read these updates, it is what keeps us going during our long wait. I have been told probably July for my bypass, I know I shouldn’t moan but I just want it now, so that I can start to repair the damage that I have done to myself, what a prat I have been and what a waste of all those years. Take care Paul, you are a star

It really is inspirational isn’t it Lelly?

Lelly, will you do something for me? Will you stop blaming and being so hard on yourself please? Be kind to yourself. Obesity isn’t all about being greedy or making bad choices. Some people do exactly the same yet stay a ‘normal’ weight.

Please watch this little video. It is due to go on Streamline’s Facebook page later, but I want you to see it now. I’m sending you a virtual hug because I can’t bear the thought of you blaming yourself for everything 🙂

I would actually like everyone to see it so I am going to post it under it’s own thread. It may make things clearer to everyone that we are not stupid, lazy, greedy or hopeless.

Doodah x

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