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Re: Pasta = Pain!!!!

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tinkly_roars wrote:
Hi All

I thought i would write and let you know about my first bad reaction to food. I’m 3 weeks post op and having consulted the dietician have just started to move from the puree to soft food stage. My diet advice sheet said that i could have ravioli and although i knew that some of you had a problem with eating pasta, i’ve also read that a few of you don’t, i thought i’d give it a try.

I cut each piece of tinned ravioli into 4, and thought i’d chewed it all really well before swallowing. I managed to eat around 4 and a half pieces then stopped. All was well for about 20 minutes and then……OMG! The pain started in my chest/stomach region. I couldn’t handle any kind of restriction on my tummy and chest and ended up heading for my bed wearing no more than my birthday suit!! (spare the blushes of a laaaady!!). About 45 minutes later the pain subsided but by then i had tried lying on my side, my back and then finally having to prop myself upright was the most comfortable position.

I’m assuming that the reason for the pain is that the pasta continued to swell in my little pouch but i’m not really sure. Is this what part of the dumping syndrome is about? Could it be that i still ate too quickly? Really fairly certain that it wasnt about not chewing properly as would imagine the pain would have come along sooner!

I’m obviously not keen to repeat this experience again in a hurry so will be leaving pasta alone for a long while!!!

Tinks x

I’ve just come back from a few days in Italy where I ate ravioli but there is a massive difference between the ravioli in a tin which is thick and stodgy high in fat and in a rich sauce and freshly cooked thin light ravioli so I suggest next time you buy some fresh ravioli maybe with a veg stuffing like sage or ricotta and serve about 4 with some lemon juice and black pepper which hopefully will stay down!

Before you think I’m smug I ate a sausage today – just one- as my daughter cooked some for breakfast and I hadn’t eaten yet. Chewed it well and enjoyed but was terribly sick a few hours later. First solid meat I’ve eaten and won’t be trying that again for a while! Other things have come back up sort of from the gullet soon after eating but this was sick to my boots – really horrid.

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