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Re: Pasta = Pain!!!!

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@Buzz 16313 wrote:

Awww Tinks, sounds like a bad dump, but so late after you have eaten will suggest it settled in your pouch and expanded…..

Please consider if eating something around now that might congeal up when chewed to take a couple of mouthfuls and walk around a little, a few mouthfuls and walk around, it will help the dietry tract move things along and hopefully lead to less experiences… just for now….

I had one or two episodes where the pain clear knocked me off my feet….. I never made it anywhere but a crumpled mess on the floor….

Thing is for now, is to learn, move on and come back to it at another time….. it might be a few days tender so back to basics and give it a chance…

Rules remember NO DRINKING 30 minutes either side of eating…Pasta and Nuts swell like you wouldnt believe…..

Its not to say another day wont be different……. give it a couple of weeks or more and try again…. if you like pasta that is…

Buzz xxx

Thanks for the tip on walking Buzz. I’ve just been pacing the garden following my lunchtime disaster of tuna and cous cous salad. What am i going to do when i go back to work tho??…….

Tinks xx

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