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Re: Pasta = Pain!!!!

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@Doodah 16323 wrote:

Aw Tinks

It’s flippin rotten when it happens for the first time, feels like something REALLY bad is happening. At least you know the op is doing it’s job I guess?!

Good point by Sally about what’s inside the ravioli. Reckon making your own is a much better bet 😉

How are you feeling now?

Love Doodah xx

Hi Doodah

I think the filling was a pork mincemeat – I checked the label and it fell within the 5g of fat and sugar so should have been ok. I think the next time i have pasta it will be when i’ve cooked it so that i know its saturated with water before i take a bite!!

Feeling ok now but have just had another bout of pain – this time due to having tuna and cous cous salad. Think it was a bit on the dry side and so it was getting stuck on the way down. I also think i’m trying to eat too quickly (funny how the greedy devil within you doesn’t want to go away!!!). Oh well, i suppose this is all in the learning of how to eat with a new pouch and particularly learning to adapt to the changes from puree to soft food stage!!

What will tomorrow bring??……

Tinks x

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