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I am under no illusion that crisps have no nutritional benefit at all and although it’s nice for you to suggest a dietician, I doubt there’s much they could tell me after so many years of being on low cal, low carb, low fat etc diets where I’d be counting everything that went in. The crisps were a treat and definately not a regular thing so please don’t worry about that. My dinners usually consist of a variety of vegetables (today’s is carrots, sprouts, green beans, sweetcorn and 1 new potato along with a bit of gammon) and that nights dinner was going to be the same but I just couldn’t eat it due to the burning. Perhaps the crisps were the trigger, who knows! I am so very cautious of any foods that are high in fat and avoid anything that contains high sugar – I didn’t even lick my fingers after divvying out chocolate birthday cake at my ex husbands birthday party through fear of it having a bad reaction. I would definately never go near a pizza even though they look nice. I’m lucky in one respect that I never crave sweet food but I’ve always been the same – savoury has always had the appeal and I’d rather have a bowl of veg than a bowl of fruit. I will have a word with him next time I see him but think this is obviously a long term problem that I will have one day and it’s gone the next. At least milk sorts it out 9 times out of 10.

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