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I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but pre-bypass I would get what I can only describe as a burning feeling which comes in waves in my stomach. Not reflux or anything, just a burning feeling. I put it down to where the band migrated in 03 and thought it could be the scar tissue being aggrevated by something. It never came on with any particular food but would just come for no reason. I would drink milk to take the pain away which would 9 times out of 10 work but would then have to go onto Buscopan if it was really bad to stop the “wave” pains.

Anyway, I spoke to Mr. Adamo about this and he agreed it could be the scar tissue but said he could hopefully bypass this when he did the surgery. I’m now 8 weeks post op and yesterday late afternoon, I had the bloody burning come back again. All I’d eaten in the day was egg on toast and a bag of crisps. I took my multi vit at around 4pm and after about half an hour it started (a good 4 hours after my last food). I didn’t feel sick or have the squits but did have the wavy pain along with feeling hot (which is what I used to get). I’m now feeling a bit pi**ed off as I was hoping this was going to be sorted and now wonder what the hell is causing it all. I’m on zoton anti acid pills and have taken them religiously since surgery along with the calcium chewables. Just when you think all is going well, something else comes along!

Feeling fine today though other than a VERY loud stomach which is unusual for me. Have had a kids ham sub and that went down a treat and no pain or burning. Do I just resign myself to being odd I wonder!


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