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Kinky Bowel

Hi Sharon

Sorry to hear your having discomfort in the upper abdomen/chest area. I have had the same pain but only when I have eaten too fast or a little too much and the pain is excrutiating, it also hurts to breath when this happens and then the offending food usually ends up in the bottom of a bucket. Only other time I’ve had pain is when I have had too much wind and it has been trapped.
I’ve only been constipated once since the GBS and that was in the second week post op. I switched from weetabix to branflakes (all be it soggy ones lol) but they did the job beautifully and helped with the trapped wind too lol. Apricot wheats is also good for constipation but again need to be left to soak up the milk and get soggy.
I have had a fair amout of problems finding things that agree with me and stay down but I realised I was trying things way too early so went back to basics for a couple of days and then took things at a slower pace and tried a new things. It seems to be working.
The protein issue can be a hard one but I try to have some protein in all my meals including snacks (except breakfast) which I try to include calcium too, so a typical snack for me might be melba toast with light philadelphia cheese and a very thin slice of ham or low fat humous or someone suggested those light dairylea dippers with the breadsticks, just right size for a snack :). Things seem to be falling into place for me at the moment after a rocky start but in all honesty I feel a lot better now than I did before my op. I have more energy and I can walk a little further before my back starts to hurt. I feel happier and more confident about going out and visiting family and friends too and no sign so far of any feelings of depression which was mentioned to me as a possible problem post op.
Send me your email and i’ll send you some recipes for post op meals that I got from the nurse at my post op appt.
I’ve made a beef casserole and a chicken curry from it so far and they have both been very tasty (and chicken doesn’t usually sit well with me since the GBS) and the rest of the family liked them too. I’m going to make the fish pie with haddock and king prawns and the pork and apple casserole next week 🙂
Congrats on the 45 lb loss my darlin, before you know it you wont recognise yourself in the mirror.
Tell Martin that if he hasn’t already, to go see Mr Somers because pain and having sickness doesn’t sound good to me, brings back unpleasant memories of my kinky bowel after surgery (i’m not saying that is what’s wrong with Martin but he needs it checked out ASAP if he hasn’t already).
Give him my love and tell him we are thinking of him. Andy and I keep wondering about him and how he is doing. If you can give him my email (click my user name and on my profile page is my email address) and if he wants to he can contact me through that. It would be lovely to hear from him.

Take care
Love Yvonne

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