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Hi again everyone, thanks for the responses to my questions. Buzz you old rogue, you must be a nightmare to go shopping with, the sort of person that lets one go in the lift just before you step off and the doors close on the poor unsuspecting occupants!
Somehow I don’t think I have any trapped wind, well maybe I do and I don’t know it. I know that when Mr Somers said it could be constipation it created a horrible image in my mind!! Like just how far up would this constipation begin?!!! I think it very odd that I don’t have the pain so much when I have eaten, mainly when my tum is empty, maybe its collapsing in on itself and given up hope of being filled up! Maybe it is sulking at being deprived after all this time!
I will give it a few more weeks to see if things improve, I am sure the healing process takes a while but without having a big scar on the outside as evidence I tend to forget just how much rearranging has been done to my internal plumbing.
Mart, who had his op at the same time as me has got the same problem but worse because he keeps being sick too, he is going to wait a bit longer as well before opting for another poke around to investigate. I think we are a little reluctant to volunteer for any further invasions of our innards.
Precious you sound as if you have really sped through this phase with relative ease, you are certainly coming across as bright and breezy, long may it continue for you. The gas thing should disipate in a few days but the bloating will last a bit longer I think. My stomach feels heavier now than before, probably because the weight is going from the outside in and the top down. I suppose the last bit to go will be the big bit in the middle! Typical! My husband says it feels heavier because there is less around it now to support it, strange notion that.
Claire I will get myself some deflatine next time I am out and give it a go, as I don’t know if it is excess wind or not anything is worth a try. I really don’t wish to embarrass myself in public, even though I am sure it would amuse Buzz no end!

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