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Hi everyone, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced pain/discomfort in the upper abdomen/chest region post op. The pain is not dire but enough to annoy, it feels as if everything is being pushed upwards into my chest and seems strangely more evident when I haven’t eaten!Sometimes if I sit suddenly it makes me gasp which makes me think things might be a bit swollen in there. I didn’t experience any of this in the first 3 weeks or so which is making me think it could be because of the healing process and everything tightening up?
I did mention it to Mr Somers at my post op check and it was suggested it may be constipation! I am taking stuff to deal with that but the pain is still there. If anyone else knows what it could be or has experienced it and also knows how to deal with it I would appreciate some tips.
Otherwise all is well, 45lb down to date, sometimes I hop on the scales and nothing will happen for days and then it will suddenly start moving again. Still finding it difficult to get enough protein in and obviously still on a road of discovery to find out what will go down and what is going to cause problems. Hunger is not an issue but I know I should eat at regular intervals, trouble is I forget! At other times even when I do remember it is too much effort to think of something to have that isn’t going to be a problem.
Any tips and suggestions for quick, easy meals would be gratefully received. Does anyone else find the taste of certain foods has lost its appeal? Salty anything is disgusting now!

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