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Re: Pain: FAQ

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At 8 weeks post op you are still healing, so perhaps give it time for the burning etc to settle. We are given the tablets to reduce acid for the first few months post op, so I think you need to give it time. Do speak to your consultant though if you are worried.

MY tummy sounds like a drain most days, this has only got worse since surgery! Somedays it is very obvious and quite embarrassing!!

Like Lorraine, I must say I was also wondering why the crisps? These are likely to aggravate any tummy issues and they bring no nutritional qualities to your diet? If all you had was egg on toast and crisps, I would say that it might be good to speak to the dietician for some help on eating a more of a balanced diet with fruit, veggies and considerably more protein, and a lot less carbs. My dietician called crisps the ‘devils food’ for bypassers – says it all!!

It is best to avoid junk food for as long as possible, because the window of opportunity will only last as long as we work with it…for me personally, one crisp would lead to two, then three and that’s what got me in this mess to begin with! Of course, many post-oppers have the odd treat and one bag is unlikely to cause a problem, but you are so early post op, I think it would be good to avoid them if you can and you can then see if the fat content is agrravating your new pouch.

I hope your tummy sorts itself out, I think time is a healer and you have just had yours cut in two and re-plumbed, so perhaps a little longer…


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