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Hi all, I’m glad to announce that I am finally not empty retching anymore and can finally breathe again and also am now able to drink and “eat” my liquids without the excruciating pain in my pouch.
I have a few quick questions.
I’m having a lot of “stitch” pain around two of my stitches on my right side which is uncomfortable most of the day and night. does anyone know how long this can take to go away? ( I am a week post op ) I also developed a thing where my calf muscles feel like theyre going to go into spasm everytime I move my legs this is a 24/7 thing. I haven’t got a spasm yet because I’m able to hold it off my stretching my calf really fast. but it’s a big problem because I’m walking on my heels at the pace of a snail haha. has anyone heard of this or know what it could be?
and my last thing is. I’m now drinking liquids but I can drink a pint size glass in under 4 mins and I never feel full from it. also I have my sloppy porridge or sloppy weetabix and am also having the same problem I’m following the portions I’ve been given but even at one weetabix I still feel that I could eat another one? even though I’m never hungry. it’s not really a problem tbh it’s more of a worry that I’m not getting the full feeling. is this how it’s supposed to work when your just on liquids?
Lily x 🙂

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