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Re: Pain and Wind with the Gastric Band

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@Mands 27559 wrote:

Hi all

Am 3 days post op with the gastric band and im really miserable !! … wasnt expecting to feel like this cos hey i have finally achieved something i have been fighting to get done for 4 years.
The constant wind in my belly .. i cant burp or pass wind properly as there seems to be no pressure there to help push it out sorry for being so descriptive but i feel i have to be for people to understand exactly where i am at the moment with this.
It still hurts slightly if i take a deep breath and around the port well its ok when im sitting down or lying down but when i am moving around sometimes i have to walk doubled over as it feels like its really pulling .. i guess this is where my muscle and stomach is still swollen … i read other peoples stories and how by day 3 after the gastric band they are up and back to normal .. i cant even sleep on my normal side still in bed as that is the side the port is now sited on so i just feel miserable and tired.
Someone please tell me they have felt this after a band and that it does get better …

Mands x

Hi sweetheart

I know I haven’t had a band but I know literally hundreds of people who have and I’m telling you that you are totally normal.

I recently went to stay with a friend after she had hers and the thing she found the most irritating was the wind. That’s what is causing your stomach to be swollen. The surgeons pump you full of air to make sure that there are no leaks in the stapling and for some reason, it gathers up in your shoulders (air rises?) and sits there for days. The very best thing for it is walking as it will disperse it. It will be uncomfortable but we are talking a few steps around the house here, not a walk into Town and back. Peppermint tea and ‘Windeze’ tablets also help.

Everyone is different – both physiologically and psychologically so what one person finds uncomfortable, another will find excruciating. Just go with the flow, take regular pain medication, drink loads of water and get sufficient rest interspersed with a bit of walking.

It’s also quite possible that you are experiencing a bit of post op blues. I had it after my recent apronectomy. On day three I was as miserable as heck and thought I’d done the worst possible thing I could to myself. It passed and by day five, I was much better. However, my most honest advice? Be kind to yourself. Be as kind as you would be to anyone else. You deserve it. In two weeks time, you will feel absolutely wonderful and won’t remember any of this!!

Anyway, don’t worry about feeling that you should be feeling better than you do. How other people feel after theirs is of no concern to you really – it’s how YOU feel that’s important. We are all here for you ok? This is going to be the best adventure you have ever been on. I promise.

Have a great weekend, put your feet up, spoil yourself (bit of internet shopping for the new clothes you will need?) and dream about all the things you are going to do when you are healthier and happier.

Doodah x

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