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Re: Pain and Wind with the Gastric Band

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It took me about a week before I felt remotely normal again. I had to sleep propped up as I couldn’t lie flat or on my side because of the pain. I promise it does get easier. There were many times when I questioned whether I had done the right thing or not, now I know I have! I have now lost just over 2 stone, I’ve dropped a dress size and people have started to notice which is the best thing. I’ve also started dance classes – Zumba, street dance, tap and ballet! (I haven’t done tap and ballet since I was about 10!). I’ve even been asked to take part in the dance school annual show doing tap – I would never even have considered doing it before I had my band. I can honestly say it has changed my life in so many ways for the better, it has given me so much more confidence than I ever dreamed it would and I’ve still got 3 and half stone to lose yet!

Try to stay as active as you can but don’t overdo it. Don’t push yourself too much and don’t beat yourself up if you are struggling with things, different people heal at different paces. I was told I would need 3 weeks off work as my job involves a lot of heavy lifting – I was nowhere near ready for returning by this point and was 8 weeks post op before I went back!

Keep thinking about the reason you put yourself through this in the first place and look forward to seeing the results. It’s not an easy option and you will have ups and downs – it’s a very emotional time. Keep popping on here – the support is amazing and everybody has different tips and advice to give. Good luck with your journey and your new life.


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