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Thanks Guys.

I’m literally back to normal (I know, normal and me?!?!)

Just been to the dentist and need to have a wisdom tooth out but apart from that I’m tickety boo and loving it!

On a serious note, if any of you are considering having your excess skin removed, I would say this – do it. Don’t wait like I did. If you can possibly find the money, do it. I feel so much better already both mentally and physically. After my next phase, I know I will finally ‘match.’ By that I mean the outer me will match the inner me. I will be the person I’ve wanted to be for over 30 years. I know that, in the deepest recesses of my mind, I will always be a ‘fatty’ but I feel I will be the real me again. The confident woman I used to be before obesity robbed me of my ability to ‘live’.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff for now. All I can say is: if you were thinking of a fab holiday, new car, new kitchen/garden etc, put it on hold and give yourself the best gift ever – the mind and body you have always wanted. The one that will make you happier and more content than you ever thought possible. It starts with wls (and for some it ends there which is even better!) and ends with ‘cosmetics’ (although in my case it most certainly wasn’t cosmetic.)

Streamline Surgical are in partnership with the McIndoe Centre if any of you are interested. They are wonderfully supportive and empathic with a surgical team of the standard you would expect from Streamline.. I didn’t go there because I live too far away. I will put the link up for you to have a little look at.

Be the new you. I’m loving the new me and so are my family.

Doodah x

McIndoe Surgical Centre | About Streamline Surgical – The Fat Doctors

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