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Re: Overwhelmed

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@hides 25650 wrote:

Hello doodah, not been on for ages so i too missed your news. Very pleased for you as it will complete your journey (so to speak) . If it’s not too personnal , can i ask what you are having done ?, (please feel free not to answer if you feel i have crossed the line) .

Best wishes
Heidi x

You all know me, I don’t mind what you ask!

On 11 October, I’m having a fleur de lys abdominoplasty (tummy tuck that goes from hip to hip then up through the tummy to the breastbone) then when that has healed nicely, I’m having my breasts (uplift) and arms (brachioplasty) done at the same time – probably early next year. I have sold my soul to the bank manager but it’s all roughly the same price as a medium-sized car!

I always say at seminars that you could save your life for the cost of a very modest little car and it’s absolutely true. I’m making mine pain free and more comfortable for the same price. Money well spent. I have taken my own advice for once haha!

Doodah x

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