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Re: Overwhelmed

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Well, it turns out it was seven weeks after my op but I had my appointment with Mr Nicholas Bennett today. He is delighted with the results which is great for me as I’m over the moon with them. I still have swelling (some in places ‘unmentionable’) but I am assured it will go eventually. I opted not to have anything drained as there is always the chance of introducing infection – and we all know THAT scenario with me don’t we lol?!

So, I am now going to continue to stay healthy, eat well and do everything else I have been advised to do and wait for the next phase in March/April next year.

Mr Bennett showed me my before photos – Oh My Life! It was utterly bizzare and like looking at someone else’s body. I can’t believe the difference just seven short weeks makes. No infected overhang, no tucking it into my tights/pants and no 7lbs of excess skin dragging on my back 24 hrs a day. Heaven. It’s somewhat of a misnomer – cosmetic surgery – post wls. Yes, it does improve the look of your body and make it much, much healthier but, the main thing is, that is removes the last remnants of the old ‘you’. I know it sounds like 4lbs of Gorgonzola (THAT cheesy) but I feel liberated.

I can’t wait until the next phase. By next Summer, my journey might actually be over – 5 years after I started it. What a rollercoaster of a ride eh? Thank you. Thanks to each and every one of you for walking beside me and holding my hand. It has meant more to me than I could possibly say.

Doodah x

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