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Re: Overwhelmed

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Have my 6 week check up with Mr Bennett at Spire Portsmouth on Thursday. I think he will be pleased with my progress. The wound is all healed now and apart from the odd twinge and some swelling/numbness, I am tickety-boo. I bought some firm control high waist pants to wear during the day for a few more months as, although I hated that compression garment with a passion, I feel a bit ‘naked’ without something holding me all in place! They are not cheap though – £20 per pair.

I will also discuss the right time to have the second phase of my surgery. I’m thinking in the Easter holidays as my husband will be home with me for two weeks (teacher) so I can get 100% rest. More compression garments to buy and wear 🙁 I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a bath/shower then not have to struggle with overhanging skin in underwear and clothes. Or (sorry may be a bit TMI for some of you) having to make sure that underneath the apron of skin is totally clean and dry to avoid/treat infection. I no longer have to tuck it into my pants haha!

I’m having my breasts done for the same reason. However, my arms are being done because of the sheer weight of the ‘bingo wing’. The weight of the skin in total is likely to be about a stone. That’s a stone of dead weight my poor back and neck have been carrying around for 3 years. It will be fabulous to be rid of it. I have a tiny frame so it’s probably about 10% of my total body weight. Can you imagine this tiny little frame having to carry about 26+ stone? How did I cope and more to the point: survive? 26 st on a 5′ 3″ body – that’s asking so much of it isn’t it?

We should be very, very grateful to our bodies for not giving up despite how we have abused them. Some people are not so lucky. Even though they get wrecked our bodies still do their very best for us every day. We owe it to our bodies to give them a break right?

Doodah x

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