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Re: Overwhelmed

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Well, today is the first day I have left off the dreaded compression garment and I have to say it feels VERY weird! Actually not as comforting as I had thought. I feel I am no longer being ‘hugged’ if that makes any sense at all. However, I am never putting it back on haha!

My scar is now sealed. No dressings or plasters and I have been able to have a really long soak in a bubble bath. I can even sleep on my side again woo hoo! I think when all the swelling has gone down (it can take months) everything will look wonderful and even if it is never perfect, I will never again have to lift up my apron of skin to dry it and put cream on to stop it becoming infected. Utter bliss.

I’m still careful when lifting things and when I get up from lying down, I try to remember to turn on my side first and use my arms to lever myself instead of just sitting up using my stomach muscles.

I’m now planning ahead and will probably have my arms and breasts done at Easter so that I will have someone at home with me all the time for two weeks. Being home alone after 3 days meant I had to fend for myself a bit too soon I think. Oh the wisdom of hindsight eh?

Anyway, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this. It means more than I can say (without getting all teary-eyed!)


Doodah x

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