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Re: Overwhelmed

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Hi guys

I went out for more than an hour for the first time yesterday!

Went to see ‘Skyfall’ with my husband and daughter. The film is roughly 2.5 hours long and have to admit that I got quite uncomfotable towards the end. Plus, it was ARCTIC in that cinema. Why on earth do they run the air conditioning when it’s 2C outside?! They don’t sell hot drinks either. Grrr!

I also have to admit that the compression garment has become my latest bete noir. I hate it with a passion. I am toying with the idea of buying a new one that doesn’t have legs in. The only things stopping me are the cost (£40 each) and the fact that only have another 10 days of wearing it to go.

The wound is healing beautifully now with only the tiniest area at the join between the horizontal and vertical scars needing dressings. Literally about the size of a 1p piece. My only problem is that the tape pulls my skin and leaves big red wheals that take ages to go down. It doesn’t hurt as such but is frustrating.

Actually, frustrated is how I feel now. I want to be able to ditch the garment, wear my usual clothes and drive my car but still have 10 days to go. I am heeding my own advice though and trying to be patient!! It’s not easy is it haha?

Doodah x

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