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Re: Overwhelmed

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If you were to go for a fleur de lys apronectomy like mine, I would say you would have to schedule approx six weeks of not driving. Mine was a massive operation that lasted around 4.5 hours and I had about 70 stitches inside and out. I was perfectly fine the following morning with very little pain. I didn’t use the morphine drip at all as it (pain) was never that bad to warrent using it, plus I wanted to avoid constipation at all costs which, thankfully, I have. If you have a regular tummy tuck it will be far less.

I didn’t do any cooking or cleaning for a good few weeks either but that was mainly due to my hand in all honesty. Shopping would only be a problem if you had to lift any of it yourself once you got it home. I have three other adults living in my house so it wasn’t an issue at all for me. Maybe internet shopping for a month might be of use to you as they bring it right into your house. As for housewwork, you may have to put up with a bit of chaos for a few weeks or ask a good friend to come and help you with it (same with shopping.) You will be amazed at how willing to help people are. I bought a slow cooker which is brilliant. Pop some cubed meat, chopped root veg, potatoes, stock and seasoning/herbs in and 8 hours later you have the most delicious, healthy food all in the one pot with little washing up!

I keep checking with the nurses and other staff when I can take of the compression stockings and garment as they drive me insane! I’ve been told six weeks a) because I have a blood problem (it clots too much) and b) you get a better end result. My compression garment is a full body one so it goes up to just underneath my breast bone and right down to my knees. Now, sorry if this is just a bit too much info but, I have to go to the loo through a hole in the gusset. It’s terrifying the first time you attempt it but it’s actually quite efficient!

So, in short, about 4-6 weeks of no driving, cooking/cleaning/shopping approx 2-4 weeks to be absolutely on the safe side and up to 6 weeks of wearing compression clothing. If you experience any setbacks it could be more. It’s not something to be taken lightly for sure.

Hope that helps and please feel free to ask anything else that you think of 😉

This was in answer to someone asking about skin removal – what to expect logistically.

As per usual, I’m totally honest and quite willing to answer anything I can that may help any of you.

Doodah x

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