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Re: Overwhelmed

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Hi guys.

I have copied and pasted this from another thread so that I don’t keep repeating myself lol! A few more lines to follow.

‘…Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of a rough ride that resulted in me having to take much more time off than I had anticipated.

Firstly, there was a problem with the anaesthetic in that as I have tiny, baby veins, it was pumped into my hand instead of my vein. I didn’t go to sleep and the pain was almost intollerable. They quickly switched to my other hand and off I drifted at last.

I came out of the op well and the results are already absolutely AMAZING. However, the trouble with my hand continued as it swelled up to twice it’s normal size and was so painful I couldn’t use it for a few days.

I was sent home on the Saturday feeling really chipper. A few days later I noticed quite a large pocket of blood had leaked on my left side so went back to the hospital. They took off all the bandages and all looked absolutely fine. I was cleaned up, re ‘packaged’ and sent home. Unfortunately, a few days later, I started to notice a bit of a ‘whiff’ and was horrified to see that a good proportion of the would had become really infected. I went back to the hospital where they took a swab and put me on antibiotics. I didn’t feel like I was getting better despite them and in the meantime a huge lump had formed on my left side. So went back to the hospital again.

It was decided that it would be left alone until my consultant came back but I was given the antibiotics recommended by the swab results. Foreward a few days and back to see my consultant. He drew off about half a litre of fluid and other stuff and it seems to have stayed down. I have now finished the antibiotics and the wound is finally healing properly.

The Staff at the Spire Portsmouth have been absolutely fantastic. They have all been so kind and supportive and I never once felt that I was in any ‘danger’ from the infection. They are super efficent and utterly professional. The only thing I feel ‘upset’ about is the hand trouble. It’s still not quite right.

So, that is my experience so far. It hasn’t been easy but I was not going to gloss over any of it as I feel I owe it to my fellow wls pals to be completely honest about how things can go. I’m back at work, am in no pain and have a totally flat stomach. Yes I have a massive scar, can’t drive for another 3 weeks and I loathe the compression garment and stockings more than I can tell you but I no longer have the huge overhang that I used to have to tuck into my tights!

Feel free to ask me anyhting you want if you are considering having surgery to remove excess skin. I will be truthful and frank about MY experience. It didn’t go according to plan but I’m certain that when all the swelling has gone down I will have a flat taught tum with no overhang to harbour infections. That’s the worst irony really – that I had the surgery to stop infections!

I would recommend Mr Bennett and his team at the Spire in a heartbeat….’

Doodah x

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