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Re: Overwhelmed

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Hi again guys

I’m definitely resting properly because I’ve never been so bored in my whole life! It’s only the first day off work and I am going mad haha! My employers are amazing (of course) so at least it’s better to rest and get better quickly than have to worry about work and not allowing myself the time I need to fully recover.

There was a problem with anaesthesia with me. I have tiny, tiny veins (hence all the blood test tales of woe from me in the past) and, unfortunately, the cannula wasn’t inserted into my vein properly. The anaesthetic went into the tissue in my hand instead and not only did it not knock me out, but it hurt so much I was actually crying out in pain. Anyhow, they quickly went into the other hand and I was sent off to bo-bo land. At one point I was terrified that I would not be able to respond and the whole thing would be done whilst I was still able to feel it!!! That didn’t happen of course but my hand was terribly swollen, hot and painful for a few days. So much so that I couldn’t make a fist or weight bear on it. It’s fine now but was miserable for a few days.

The operation, however, is a brilliantly fabulous success. I’ve had only paracetamol for discomfort (hand was more painful!!) and am moving about quite nicely. Everything is tickety-boo and I see the nurse on Friday to have my navel stitches out. All the others are dissolvable. Honestly, Mr Nicholas Bennett is amazing. My tum is pancake flat and my hips are smooth and slim so when the swelling goes down it should be quite remarkable. The staff at the Spire, Portsmouth were superb and my room was spotless and very comfortable. Worth every single penny.

I hate having to wear the compression garment but am convinced that it really makes a difference to the length of ‘recovery’ as it makes me feel safe and contained. As I write this I realise that I have my pants on inside out so its a good job I’ve got some time off haha!! The compression stockings are tiresome but again, reducing the risk of DVTs makes for peace of mind.

So, there you have it. Apart from the hand unpleasantness, everything is super. Not unbearably painful at all. Obviously, I am very, very tired and a bit weak but I can honestly tell you I have felt much worse in my life (had swine flu in 2009!)

Hope you are all ok. How are my newbies? Are you managing ok? Welcome to the loser’s bench my lovelies xxx

Much love from Doodah xx

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