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Re: Overweight people seen as lazy, socially awkward and unclean.

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@Deifersmum 34989 wrote:

No your not being sensitive, before I had my gb my work colleagues didn’t believe what I used to do when I got home from doing the housework to walking the dog and I used to make sure I left the car at home and walked to town at weekends. That unfortunately didn’t help with the depression as I was this active person but couldn’t shift the weight. Its articles like this that stereotype people with weight problems, unfortunately its all down to having to reeducate the public and get more support. Off soap box now.


I’m on the soap box with you Lesley!

I used to child mind four other children aged from 6 months to 3 years in addition to my own. Six children under 8. Sitting down was a luxury saved for the end of the day (after 12 hours) when I had a few hours to myself. Yet I was still super morbidly obese. At the time, I was quite young so it was do-able – just. As I got older, my weight became a major issue and I had to give up work. My weight stayed the same. How is that even possible? Fast forward 15 years and I was completely immobile for much of the day. So yes, I suppose I did (almost) fit the consensus. However, I was NEVER unclean or socially awkward. I surrounded myself with people who loved me for who I was, not my size.

You are so right. People who have never had a weight problem have no idea how hard it can be for obese people to be seen as ‘equals’. I hope it changes. The world’s population is getting heavier and heavier. I wonder if those who eventually have a weight problem of their own will remember how they used to view obesity?

Doodah x

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