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Re: Out of control

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@janie61 32429 wrote:

Hi Doodah,
I find it difficult to get adequate choices in my diet due to vegetarian restrictions, I can’t eat eggs they make me feel nauseas, I cut out the cheeses as it was the full fat cream cheeses that I liked and I don’t eat meat as all I can smell or taste when I am cooking it is salt and fat. I’ve turned into a really fussy person from someone who would eat anything.

You know what though Janie, is that such a bad thing? I have become the world’s fussiest eater but at least it proves 100% that we are considering everything we eat now instead of just troughing it!

I’m no dietitian but I eat LOADS of nuts, pulses and seeds to make sure I get the right protein intake. I have also learned to love quorn. The little cocktail sausages are so nice, I have had to hide them from my meat loving son! And my quorn scotch eggs! I have porridge with Brazil nuts in (and a pinch of either cinnamon or nutmeg) every day for my lunch. It’s cheap, quick and absolutely delicious. It can be flavoured with anything. I sometimes have blueberries or raspberries (fresh) or any other fruit I can digest well.

Cheese isn’t the enemy. I actually have Parmesan grated over everything. It is full of fat but when grated, a tiny amount goes such a long way so the fat/calories are minimal.

Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Eating Meals, Vegan Food, Low Calorie Diet

If you check out websites like this one, you could (with a bit of tweaking for fat/sugar) try something new almost every day! Be brave and try new things. I used to hate olives but when I realised how good they are for you, I persevered and now I love them!

Doodah x

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