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Re: Out of control

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@janie61 32423 wrote:

Hi Treeza and Doodah, thank you for your replies. Can you be addicted to bread and carbs, it seems that I want more food after eating them. Yesterday I stuck to the little ramekins of veg and fruit and I have not been so bad today. I have also ditched the plates back to my little pots I feel that plates are free license to gradually add more and more. I also need to stick to times it seems that I cannot be normally around food and the eating when hungry is a no go it’s like my mind can say its hungry whenever it feels like it. For me no normality so back to rules and regs of Bariatric wl eating. I am interested to here other peoples comments on the bread/carb issue.

Hi again Janie

Since having my bypass six years ago, I have become vegetarian as I found it so difficult to digest animal protein. I would say without a doubt that, for me, carbs are definitely addictive. I’m not ‘safe’ around them. BUT I have had six years to learn to restrict them to ‘real’ food rather than junk.

That’s not to say I don’t have treats – I DO! But I have them rarely: special occasions really. But that’s how ‘normal’ people are. It is still early days for you so I think your idea of cutting them right back is a good one. Maybe a chat with a dietitian might help. How to wean yourself to need less of them. I’m no clinician or dietitian but I’m pretty sure you can’t cut them out altogether. I think an chat with a dietitian would be the best course of action for you and in the meantime, keep a food diary to keep tabs on the triggers that send you searching for carbs.

Hope this is helpful. It’s such a tough one 🙁

Doodah x

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