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Re: Out of control

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@derlooker 32509 wrote:


I have been out of control again for a while with my eating.

I had a bad experience about a year ago when on a night out. I was sexually assaulted in a public place. It was a horrid experience. What’s worse is that emotionally it put me back in a place where on the surface I had a happy smile but underneath it I was struggling and keeping all my feelings to myself. And making very poor food choices. I have gained back quite a lot of weight and have got into bad habits again, not planning meals, not eating at the table and also drinking with meals.

I don’t know quite what to do. I never make it to any of the bariatric groups although that might help. Anything to get out of my isolation and denial. When I eat mindfully I don’t overdo it when I eat n company I don’t overdo it so maybe that might help.

Any ideas or assistance would be great.


My darling Anna-Lisa, I had absolutely no idea this had happened to you. No wonder you are struggling with your food choices. You must be in total shock. as the others have said, I hope you reported it to the police and that the person who did it pays.

Teaching granny to suck eggs here, but it might help if you applied for counselling or therapy. Also, support groups really do help. I’m afraid our bodies often react to trauma in a way over which we often have no control whatsoever. There is no other recourse than to ask for help in my humble opinion.

If you would like to meet up just on a one to one, I am more than happy to do that. All I can offer is my ear, my friendship and my understanding but it’s yours should you need it.

Please don’t try to cope with this alone anymore. You don’t have to x

Doodah x

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