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@onewayoflife 29307 wrote:

Day 7 of the Milk Diet and yes, what everyone says is very true…after the first few days it does get much easier! I bought some tasty syrups from Bariatric Megastore and they really do make the milk taste lovely and add variety with their strong flavours. I haven’t weighed myself…some people do but I think I may wait until the morning of surgery (27th August!!!).

I am now thinking of what foods to prepare for post surgery. I am thinking of cooking things like Quorn Mince, maybe as a chilli con carne, then freezing in ice cube trays to then defrost and purée when I want to eat them. I’m not a good cook but I am determined to learn and expand my diet options. I have taken the big step of eating fish again after being veggie for 24 years. I’m looking forward to including fish into my diet after the op. I just need to make sure that I add flavours to my food so that I can really taste the goodness!

Katy xx

Hi Katy

That is a huge step! I have gone the other way entirely – I am now fully veggie with no meat, poultry or fish whatsoever. I’m healthier than I have ever been nutrition wise.

As for preparing food for afterwards, my one bit of advice is: don’t prepare too much of any one thing or you will quickly become bored of it. Quorn mince is excellent but may I suggest only trying it with mashed potato at first? Rice can be hugely problematic (as can pasta) as it continues to swell in the stomach after it is eaten. I still can’t eat it after 5 years! But, I can eat as much pasta as I like! Potato is rarely a problem for anyone who has had wls and is full of goodness. Also, make sure it is nice and ‘wet’ as in the consistency. There will be less chance of anything getting stuck.

Please find the links below to help you with recipe ideas and also the link to the 20;20:20 rule of eating after wls.

Good luck 😉

Doodah x


Do You Know The 20:20:20 Rule? | Uncategorized | Bariatric Cookery

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