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Re: Op date!

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Completely and utterly understand 100% Treeza. I have lost count of the amount of things I have cancelled in the past because I was either too tired or embarrassed. I once didn’t go to see Victoria Wood because I knew I wouldn’t fit in the seat, or even if I had, the person next to me would have had half my body spilling over onto them as I hadn’t managed to get aisle seats.

You are doing the right things – you have realised why you have cancelled the gym induction and are giving it another go. Also, you have told yourself that you have been brave enough to have wls so why should a gym be so scary!! I’m really, really impressed and proud of the choices you have made. Pat yourself on the back my lovely. With grit and determination like that, that extra weight will be off before you know it.

Also think about this –


Well done and keep going 😉

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