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Re: Op date!

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@treeza 28623 wrote:

My other sin is 24 but too skinny as it is so he won’t be joining me. My hubby is going to do a day or two! Will be good to know I can call on whoever is joining me for the day if I feel like a rant & they will have some idea of what I’m going on about!

Can you only use Splenda or are other sugar substitutes ok? Can you use honey? Where can I get crusha?

Thank you x :0)x

Hi Treeza

Your son is more than old enough to give it a go then!

Bariatrics megastore

Please click onto this link to find non-sugar heaven! You will find sugar free syrups for your coffee, flavourings for your milk and many different forms of sugar substitute. This place will be your best friend after wls!

Don’t use honey. Your guidelines tell you to use sugar free flavourings so stick to it if you can. It’s all about being given a plan and sticking to it. If you start making changes at such an early stage, it might not bode well for the future. It’s all about discipline and following the guidelines. My favourite expression to describe it is: ‘personal responsibility’ because that’s what it ultimately boils down to. The surgeon gives you the tool, the team show you the ‘rules’ but you are the captain of your own team so it’s up to you to make it a winner 😉

Doodah x

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